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"You're on my list of things I would do for a Klondike bar"


Theo didn’t have any sedative in the house, but a couple of wines should do just fine. Not that he would give any to his new sister though; that would be unethical and just plain wrong. Besides, as he made his way to the room and peeked through the door, he could see that Kanaya was still rather woozy from before, so it would make no sense if he tried to sedate her yet again. He’s trying to subdue her, not put her to sleep every time she woke up. “Hey.” He braved himself to step forward, carrying a tray with warm tea and cupcakes that he just baked earlier today. “How’s your head? Still dizzy?”

Any sounds in the room, including Theo’s voice, melded into a disturbing blur, and each tiny noise caused the aching of her head to worsen. Kanaya rolled up on to her side, back facing the man, and held her head. Curling up into as tight a ball as possible, she let out another loud groan, as if she were answering the question that the pain and dizziness kept her from hearing.

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He was just so tiny.


He was just so tiny.

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We meet again || +theodorefreakinfinley


Trevor. Theo would definitely remember him now. The boy narrowed his eyes when Trevor and his friends wouldn’t go away even after Kanaya asked them, too, now stepping in front of her in order to be defensive. “She said go away. That means you are not wanted here.”

Kanaya lifted her gaze toward the back of Theo’s head as he moved to defend her. Although she was thankful for his protection, part of her couldn’t help but be frustrated by the fact that he felt the need to protect her, causing her to assume that he felt that she wasn’t strong enough to defend herself. However true it may have been, the speculation stung. 

"You’re not the boss of me," he spat, crossing his arms, "You can’t tell me what to do.” The boy was quiet for a moment, as if  strategizing his next move. “‘Sides,” he continued with a shrug and a cross between an apathetic stare and a pout, “We just want a turn on the swing.”

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My follower count is at 69 eeeyyyy

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Au’s that I still really would like to do;

  • The Morning After; Muse A and muse B spend the night together but upon waking in the morning, neither remember any of the events of the night prior.
  • Teacher’s Pet; Muse A is a student and is in one of muse B’s classes, and after a while they…
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Send me a ❀ and I will use this random quote generator and make you a starter based on the quote I get.

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